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Created by [livejournal.com profile] wolven, [livejournal.com profile] comorbid, [livejournal.com profile] kyrael, and ryameros@gmail.com in 1999/2000.

tested and improved on over the years by [livejournal.com profile] raoin, [livejournal.com profile] cailement, [livejournal.com profile] photogirl630, [livejournal.com profile] unknownbinaries, and dozens (if not hundreds) of others. including Voltaire.

this is the brew which inspired the Cthul-ade t-shirt.
i dont have any pictures... i never think to use my camera.


*a mixing container bigger than 4 gallons
*a stirring implement you don’t mind staining red forever
*funnel (if needed)
*containers for the final product (if desired)

*1 canister of red cool-ade mix (cherry)
*1 canister of blue cool-ade mix (tropical punch)
*around a dozen packets of raspberry lemonade cool-ade flavor
*1 pound of granulated white sugar

*750ml of smirnoff (or better) raspberry vodka
*1.5l yago fruit sangria
*bottle of catdaddy
*bottle of raspberry lambic
*2L of regular mountain dew
*2L of mountain dew code red
*any remaining containers of cthul-ade from last year (the year before or the year before)

1) pour the 4 liters of mountain dew into your mixing container first. you don’t want to put the dry ingredients in first because they'll end up stuck to the bottom as a sludge.
2) with the soda in the bottom, add in all of the dry ingredients. If you put in all the wet ingredients before doing the dry, you'll end up with a lot of fizz-over.
3) add in the rest of the wet ingredients. i should hasten to add that whatever this stuff touches, it will stain.
4) stir vigorously and ruthlessly with something you don’t mind staining permanently. we use a wooden spoon.
5) decant final mix into portable containers.
6) immediately wash out large primary container or it will be stained that color forever.

1) There is a version of this drink where Jägermeister is added. this is on a to-taste basis, but i find that anything more than 375ml is going to over-power the rest of the mix. this version is called Call of Cthul-ade.

2) The use of catdaddy is a recent addition to the recipe. I find that using a bottle of catdaddy reduces the amount of sugar i need to use. You could leave it out entirely, but it's a very tasty addition. imo.

3) It is tradition to save cthul-ade from each batch to add to the next batch. our current batch is contiguous from 2002.

4) aged cthul-ade is drinkable! that being said, you shouldn’t leave this stuff to 'grow' at room-temperature. we keep ours refrigerated. it goes through stages, too, and i find that it tastes best at the nine-month mark. but that's just me.

5)if you cant find mountain dew code red, you can just use 4liters of regular mountain dew. one year we used a 2-liter of mountain dew Live Wire (the orange flavor).

6) pricing out all these ingredients, we can typically make it for around $7.15/liter (as of 2010).

7) don’t be afraid to change things, switch things, replace things. be flexible. be fearless. have fun!

questions/comments/concerns/praise/snark are welcome.

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