Apr. 27th, 2011

raoin: (epicness)
i recently became aware of a blog called:
A Hamburger Today
part of a large conglomerate of blogs called: Serious Eats.
naturally my interest was piqued because i love references to Popeye
and because my husband regularly requests hamburgers as a dinner choice
and i dislike hamburgers as a dinner choice, in general, because they are boring.

so this blog has been interesting to me because it gives me ideas.
for instance: The Ramly Burger.
a Malaysia street-food concotion, it can also be found in fast-food joints
and i suspect that there are likely a few upscale eateries around those parts that also do a rendition.
because, having tried it myself, i can see why it is the favorite burger of an entire country.
[actually i had to check, because i seem to have started with the notion that Malaysia is a region. it turns out that it is a federal constitutional monarchy, and comprised of two regions known as Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.]

it looked good, i was curious, and my man wanted burgers.
so i tried it out. modifying it to make it work with my kitchen and taste issues.

1 LB ground sirloin, lean, seasoned with season salt to taste
6 eggs
2 or 3 tablespoons of milk
some extra grease for the pan
worcestershire sauce
cheese (as you like it)
other kinds of burger set-ups (lettuce, tomatoe, onion, &ct)

1) take the ground beef, gently fold in the seasoning (i kept it simple, but you could use other seasonings)
2) divide the beef into six thin patties. thin is better than thick in this instance.
3) in a pourable container, beat the eggs and the milk together. set aside for now.
4) pan fry your patties on high heat until they are just brown on either side. you want the middles to remain red and bleeding because they will continue to cook as this process goes on. and their flowing juices will make your burger more wonderful later.
5) leave the burger grease/run off in the pan. turn the pan heat down to medium or medium-low.
6) pour roughly a third of the egg mixture into the pan. as if you were making an omlete. you are. a burger omlete.
7) divide that circle of egg mix down the middle into two half circles. in the middle of each half circle place your cheese, if you are using any, and one patty (on top of the cheese)
8) jot a bit of worcestershire sauce onto the top of each patty.
9) gently fold up the edges of each half circle of egg until the patty and cheese are enclosed.
10) allow to cook a bit longer until cheese melts.
11) place inside bun, add condiments and set-ups of choice. consume. be happy.

12) you'll obviously repeat the burger-omlete folding cooking process three times (2 burgers per third of the egg-mix solution).

some words about condiments and set-ups: i think this burger is perfect without them.
however, the traditional ramly burger is usually served with margarine, worcestershire, and maggi seasoning folded into the omlete.
and cheese lettuce and ketchup are added on top.
i felt that putting the cheese in the omlete would encourage cheese-melt, which is what i crave,
and i hate ketchup.
the idea of putting margarine on anything, or even substituting butter in its place seemed like an unncessary addition of drippy fats, so i left it out.
so there, you go, we all have our reasons.
i think adding horseradish, where one might have put margarine, would be a good idea.
but i didnt have any to try it with.

as you might have guessed, unless you have a professional griddle, you can really only make two of these at a time.
this leaves pairs (like myself and husband) able to eat together
but larger groups would have to eat in stages.
i havent had one to eat as a 'leftover' yet, but i suspect that (like all street food) this burger is better fresh and hot rather than reheated or cold.
we'll have to ask [livejournal.com profile] wolven how he felt about his reheated ramly burger.

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